The odyssey begins…

I was born in Spanish Harlem…

Just kidding.

My journey started out innocently enough, during a doctor’s visit a blood test reveled that I was anemic so my doctor followed up with a plethora of additional tests of everything under the sun, more blood work, and other samples which shall remain nameless but one could use their imagination.
While waiting for the results of these tests and consequently the follow-up consult with my doctor I came home one evening and turned the TV on.
This was late August 2008.
Oprah was on.
The show was going to cut to commercial with Oprah’s words “when we come back Dr. Oz will have the poop discussion”.
Dr. Oz is on!! And… he’s going to have what discussion? Did I hear right?
That got my attention.
So I sat down and heard Dr. Oz’s description of “good poop” and “bad poop”.
As he was describing the “bad poop” I realized that I had most… if not all… those symptoms.
Then Dr Oz mentioned that if there is increased frequency in any or all symptoms
to discuss it with your doctor.

Back to my doctor’s office two weeks later, the results of all tests were negative, during that discussion I told my doctor of the Oprah episode with Dr. Oz’s poop discussion and how my symptoms were increasing in frequency. My Doctor suggested I see a Gastroenterologist and she gave me a recommendation and handed me his card; immediately scheduled an appointment.

A month later I’m discussing my symptoms with the Gastroenterologist …to be noted… I didn’t have any bleeding or pain and, although I’m too young to have one – he schedules a Colonoscopy based on the symptoms provided by Dr. Oz. with his poop discussion.
Three weeks later I’m back at the Gastroenterologist’s office having the colonoscopy. I must admit… the hardest part of the exam is the prepping the day before. You had to drink this liquid from a big plastic jug the Dr. gives you, it comes with 4 flavor packets. Everyone I talked to who had the procedure said that the Pineapple flavor is the best – so I mixed the Pineapple flavor with the liquid in the plastic jug and started drinking.
Having the procedure was easy; I was basically knocked out during the whole event.
There I was back in the examination room waiting for the Dr. to come in with the results.
Being that I always eat well (basically a Mediterranean diet) along with an active lifestyle I was expecting a clean bill of health.
Then the Dr. walked in with a concerned look in his eyes with the announcement that he had to stop the procedure due to “an obstruction”.

This was December 31, 2008


       Great animation from The Dr. Oz show
The website on colon cancer for the Latino community

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