Chapter 2 The Obstruction

At that moment my mind went blank, “an obstruction… what does that mean?” deep down knowing full well what it meant, but I had to hear it from him.
“There’s something in the way, I couldn’t go any further”. He replied, “I need you to lie on the table”. Which I did, still trying to comprehend what’s happening.
He felt my abdomen and replied that he could feel something on my right side. “See, on your left side I feel nothing” he said as he was kneading my left side, “but on the right I could feel something… right here” as he kneaded my right side.
“I’m going to send you to get a CT scan, I’ll have the front desk make the appointments”.
A week later I was in Beth Israel Hosp. getting a CT scan. As I was in the waiting room drinking this liquid before the procedure I looked around at the other patients waiting to have similar testing done. Not one of them looked to be under 60. “What am I doing here?” I said to myself as I was drinking this liquid. Still in disbelief, I was convinced that the CT scan would reveal that everything is negative, and the Dr. was wrong.

I went about my life and pushed back the thought of the “obstruction” until the following week when I went back to the Gastroenterologist’s office with the results.
I was back in the Gastroenterologist’s exam room when he came in with the same concerned look in his eyes.

That made me worried.

“Well, you have a large tumor which points to Colon Cancer”.

With a nervous laugh I replied that he must have the wrong file, I’m the healthiest person I know.

He looked down at the file and said… “No… I’ll read you the results of the CT scan…”.

As he was reading the results my mind was racing… how could this be happening to me?!! Why would this be happening… to me?!!

And me without a bucket list!

My life flashed before me, grateful for my past accomplishments but was looking forward to a lot more.
“What’s the next step”? I asked.
“The next step is a surgical consult, you will need to have this tumor removed immediately, I know of an excellent surgeon that has performed many procedures, I’ll have the front desk make the appointment”
“Ok, that’s fine” I replied stunned, I looked down my PDA and saw the time; I made a remark that I wouldn’t be too late for work.
“Your going to back work?” he replied, shocked.
“Yes… what else should I do?”
That’s how I handle stressful situations; I would keep busy so I wouldn’t have to think about it.

Thinking is bad in these situations.

After the front desk made the appointment for the surgical consult I went outside, which in early January happened to be the coldest day to the year. I called my friend to tell her what happened.

Funny thing is, I just started this job in New Jersey back in Late August and just past the probation period, and I now have health insurance.

It couldn’t have come at a better time.

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